College/University Educational Partnerships

We believe that publicly-operated forensic laboratories have a moral and ethical obligation to share knowledge, experience, and opportunities with the public that we serve.

Educational partnerships with institutions of higher education will provide unique opportunities for future forensic science practitioners, increase their exposure to the use of natural (physical and life) sciences in forensic applications, to help guide students and graduates to careers in areas that will help others, increase opportunities for future employment, and encourage Nevada’s students to remain and work in our state.

Our future leaders will have additional opportunities for careers that will help solve crime, prevent crime, and save lives; careers that can help take criminals off of the streets and that can help exonerate innocent persons charged with crimes; careers that will also help their family members, friends, neighbors, businesses, and other members of their local communities to avoid being victims of crime.

Two of the conditions that NevadaCSI requires for granting private funds for construction of the Center include (a) providing facility space for practical application/partnership with a local college/university, and (b) space for future growth.

Nevada State College

Nevada State College expressed an interest in partnering with the City to explore the possibility of incorporating an educational component into the Center. Nevada State College, under the authority of the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education, is developing a 509 acre campus adjacent to City property. Co-locating the Center on or near the campus presents a myriad of opportunities for the project, including the creation of a skilled workforce pipeline and the prospect of future growth.

Additional Benefits for Southern Nevada Communities

Successful completion of this project will provide many benefits as described throughout this site. In addition, a partnership with a local college/university such as Nevada State College will further the existing working relationships between higher education and local government/other publicly-funded agencies responsible for public safety and criminal justice.

A partnership with Nevada State College would significantly increase viable, accessible higher education options and opportunities for local residents. This combination of opportunities, particularly in regard to studies and practical application of physical and life sciences, will be unmatched in the state of Nevada.

Additionally, the Center will provide additional opportunities for employees of public safety and other criminal justice agencies through the Nevada State College’s rapidly expanding criminal justice program, and offer many ways to advance knowledge and careers of those who work in public service.

Other opportunities may also become available for various publicly-funded agencies involved in different aspects of forensic science and the criminal justice system.