The mission of NevadaCSI is to raise private funds to design, build, and equip a publicly-owned, operated, and maintained Forensic Science Center. The primary purpose of the Center is to provide our community with appropriate levels of forensic laboratory services, accurate and timely evidence analysis and reporting, and crime scene investigation/processing to enhance public safety. An educational partnership with a local college/university will provide unique opportunities for future forensic science practitioners, increase their exposure to the use of natural (physical and life) sciences in forensic applications, help guide students and graduates to potential careers in areas that will help others, increase opportunities for future employment, and encourage Nevada’s students to remain and work in our state. While current plans call for the facility to be located in Henderson, Nevada, the Forensic Science Center will play a crucial role in the overall safety and security of the entire Las Vegas Valley and southern Nevada.


Our vision for the Forensic Science Center is to provide preeminent forensic laboratory services and crime scene investigation in southern Nevada, to develop an advanced educational partnership that will also participate in forensic research, and to become an example for the western United States.

These services will help solve crimes, prevent crime, and save lives. We will greatly reduce or eliminate evidence analysis backlogs, meet all current needs, provide the level of quality forensic laboratory services necessary for the second largest city in Nevada. Our vision includes providing support to gap the needs of other communities in southern Nevada, the home of approximately 72% of the State's population of 2.84 million.

As sufficient funding is raised/provided for additional capacity/capability, the Center’s resources will be offered to assist clients from other southern Nevada city and county agencies to every reasonable extent.

Future emphasis on undergraduate and graduate-level forensic education, training, and research activities will serve southern Nevada as a premier location to educate and employ new forensic scientists, laboratory technicians, and crime scene investigators.

The Forensic Science Center will become recognized as one of the top of its kind in the nation.