NevadaCSI is pleased to work with donors on a number of naming and endowment opportunities to meet your unique wishes. Your gift/investment in this project will serve as a unique and valuable way of giving to our communities in southern Nevada as an influential catalyst that will spur others to do the same.

Naming opportunities are managed directly by NevadaCSI. All donations are managed by the Henderson Community Foundation, a recognized 501(c)(3) corporation in the state of Nevada, Federal Tax ID #45-0489163.

Benefits of a New Forensic Laboratory

The funding, construction, and development of the Forensic Science Center with multiple forensic laboratory disciplines will help solve crime, prevent crime, and save lives.

The Center will not only benefit residents, businesses, and visitors in southern Nevada; it will have a positive effect on crime solving and prevention in other portions of the State, and various areas of the United States.

The core partnership with a local college/university (Nevada State College expressed an interest) will provide unique opportunities for future forensic science practitioners, increase their exposure to the use of natural (physical and life) sciences in forensic applications, help guide students and graduates to potential careers in the application of forensic science, and increase opportunities for future employment.

The Education and Laboratory training portions of the Center may serve as supplemental operational laboratories in the event of a homeland security emergency. Those spaces will also provide opportunities for backup operational lab space in the event of an urgent need in support of the new main Henderson laboratory or the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Forensic Laboratory.

The Center will help put southern Nevada “on the map” as a leader in forensic science application and education in the western United States.

Naming Opportunities Plan (new construction)

— Additional opportunities/information will be provided as the project develops

  • Forensic Science Center

    • The complete Center will include forensic labs for multiple disciplines, a college/university partner education/training laboratory, and a crime scene evidence processing area for vehicles and other large items.
  • Forensic Science Center Administration Area

    • Main Entrance and Lobby
    • Break Room
    • Conference/Meeting Room
    • Administrative Work Area/Office Suites
    • Lecture/Training Hall 120-seat divisible (2 x 60 seat areas)
  • Education and Training Center

    • Teaching/Training Instrumentation Lab 1
    • Teaching/Training Instrumentation Lab 2
    • Evidence Processing Lab 1
    • Evidence Processing Lab 2
    • Lecture/Training Hall 120-seat divisible (2 x 60 seat areas)
  • Forensic Laboratory - Includes several individual labs in separate disciplines

    • Forensic Toxicology Laboratory Section

      • Blood Drug Analysis Lab
      • Blood Alcohol Analysis Lab
    • Forensic Chemistry Laboratory Section

      • Drug Analysis Lab
      • Trace Evidence Lab
    • Forensic Biology/DNA Laboratory

      • DNA Extraction Lab
      • DNA Amplification Lab
    • Physics/Impression Evidence Laboratory Section

      • Fingerprint Analysis Lab/Office
      • Firearms Evidence Lab
      • Evidence Processing Lab
      • Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Section
      • Footwear and tire print lab
      • Document Examination Lab
      • Ten print Quality Assurance and Comparison Section
    • Crime Scene Section – Includes Large Evidence Processing Facility/Lab

    • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Program design, construction, and certification costs.

    • Evidence Accession Area and Temporary Evidence Holding Vault

    Annual Giving

    To provide annual giving support to help defray public taxpayer costs of maintenance for the facility, to help with funds necessary to purchase new equipment/instrumentation, and to help fund updates to state-of-the-art instrumentation as technology continually improves.


    To strengthen the financial resources, capacity, and capabilities of the Forensic Science Center laboratories by hiring and keeping the best forensic scientists, analysts, technicians, and support staff for the Center; we seek enhanced endowment resources. To take full advantage of the advanced capabilities and capability that will be provided by the new Center, approximately seventeen laboratory employee positions need to be added over the first five year period, plus one full-time equivalent building maintenance and one half-time equivalent information technology position. At the five year point, approximately eighteen additional positions will be needed to sustain needs in increased capacity.