Press Release #1    July 13, 2016

$30 Million in Donations Needed to Build a Forensic Science Center in Southern Nevada

Forensic lab shortages largely to blame for some of the nation’s worst crime rates over five years

Press Release #2    October 17, 2016

Latest FBI Report of High Crime Rates in Nevada Proves the Need for More Forensic Laboratory Capacity in the State

Community volunteer group NevadaCSI seeking $30 million in private funds to build a new publicly operated lab in Southern Nevada, staffed by non-sworn (civilian) personnel

About NevadaCSI

The primary purposes of the all-volunteer NevadaCSI organization are to (a) raise private funds to build, equip and support a publicly operated forensic science center in Southern Nevada; and; (b) promote the use of forensic science to increase community safety and security.

Note: Rick Workman's volunteer duties with NevadaCSI are separate and distinct from any government agency. Statements made by him, on his behalf, and/or from other representatives of NevadaCSI do not reflect nor purport to represent the City of Henderson, Henderson Police Department, Clark County, nor any other government organization unless otherwise stated. All solicitations for private funds are also separate and distinct from the City of Henderson.