$29.5 million needed to build a new Forensic Science Center

  • $20.1 million — Forensic Laboratory

  • $4 million — Education Component

  • $5.4 million — CSI area

Phase 1 construction is required to build a portion of the new forensic (crime) laboratory to support forensic analysis requirements for current operations in Henderson and Boulder City.

Phases 2 will add DNA analysis and firearms examination. It will also provide additional space required an increase in personnel and equipment for the additional forensic evidence analysis capacity required to eliminate evidence analysis backlogs. Backlogs that go back years in southern Nevada.

The Education/Training Phase must be completed as an essential part of the full Forensic Science Center. It is a key requirement, and while the initial laboratory phase is the corner stone of this project, the educational component is a foundational one. The training laboratory and related areas will not only provide many benefits to our community, but will also provide backup/redundant forensic lab analysis capability in case of emergency needs for homeland security issues. It will also be available to meet critical needs in the event of facility problems with the main forensic lab in Henderson or the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Forensic Lab, or when an immediate increase in evidence analysis capacity is required.

The Crime Scene Investigation/Analysis section includes the addition of processing bays for several vehicles , large vehicles such as a buses, RVs, and other large vehicles or evidence items, office work areas, crime scene training and evidence analysis areas, equipment storage, temporary evidence storage spaces, and locker rooms. Note: The four vehicle bays can be used for processing multiple vehicles used in major crimes, or several vehicles from separate crimes (which is a common need), processing recovered stolen vehicles for evidence to help identify suspects (helping to decrease our vehicle theft rate which has been in the top four worst in the U.S. since 2010), and used lengthwise (across the multiple bays) for large/long vehicles.

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Design and Construction Cost Estimates

Design and Construction cost estimates for the Forensic Science Center are available as a PDF by clicking on the button below or clicking on the related image.

The estimates are the culmination of two projects, over eighteen months, that included four different architectural/laboratory design firms, and numerous meetings and hands-on workshops.

The City of Henderson contracted with Tate Snyder Kinsey and Crime Lab Design, to conduct a forensic laboratory feasibility/needs assessment to support the City through a minimum ten-year period.

Subsequently, the City contracted with PGAL LLC architecture/engineering and McClaren Wilson & Laurie (MWL) laboratory design architectural/planning firm, to validate the schedule and budget information from the needs assessment, and to commence the Schematic Design and provide cost estimates for a new Forensic Science Center. The two projects were completed in September 2014 and December 2015, respectively. Funding for the two contracts, $170,000, was provided by NevadaCSI through the 501(c)(3) fund manager, Henderson Community Foundation.

Cost estimates are provided, via the link below, for the complete Forensic Science Center to include a forensic laboratory with multiple labs in different disciplines, education/training component, and crime scene section (CSI).

The facility is expected to be built on Nevada State College land or on adjacent land owned by the City of Henderson.

Project Cost Worksheets