Our communities in southern Nevada will be made safer with the increased
forensic evidence analysis capacity and capabilities that a new forensic laboratory will provide.

Here's a few of many reasons to help our communities by contributing to this effort:

  1. You will make an impact — Your contribution(s) will play a major role in solving crimes, preventing crime, and saving lives in southern Nevada. Many crimes solved locally are related to crimes in other regions and states… your help is wide spread.

  2. Guaranteed success — No matter the size or number of donations you make, every dollar will go toward the design, construction, and equipping of a new forensic lab. Once built and staffed, laboratory personnel will immediately begin to increase the number and type of crimes that they can solve and prevent. Every crime solved, every crime prevented, and every life saved—and there will be many—will be in YOUR hands.

  3. You name it, you get the credit for it — Contribute in your own name, the name of a loved one, a friend, a local hero, or a business. For the largest financial contributions, NevadaCSI will include specific naming rights as conditions in the granting of funds to the operating/owning public agency (currently planned for the City of Henderson). Examples may include one of the separate laboratories such as blood alcohol or blood drug (toxicology), controlled substances, the fingerprint analysis and comparison lab, perhaps a new DNA lab, new firearms evidence analysis lab, trace evidence lab, or the CSI multiple-bay processing areas for vehicles and other large evidence, or others. One or two opportunities will be available for naming the complete forensic laboratory and/or the entire Forensic Science Center.

  4. Students, parents, teachers, professors, and school administrators — Groups, classes, and entire schools can be a part of the success of this project. Over the course of a couple of decades of operation, or more, hundreds of thousands of lives will be touched as a result of the work accomplished by the Forensic Science Center. You will take pride in influencing others to contribute to a project that will help so many who have been the victim of a crime and will help ensure that so many others do not become victims. Financial donations will be welcome, but you can help spread the word about the need for this critical project to others. Your recommendations to help will reach the ears of many contributors, even to many philanthropists who share your concerns.

  5. Businesses — Help show how much your business cares for the local communities, families, visitors, and businesses in southern Nevada. Start a local “Round Up” campaign—in close coordination with the NevadaCSI—and donate the funds to help solve crimes, prevent crime, and save lives. Start a payroll deduction plan for contributions made directly to the project through the 501(c)(3) organization, Henderson Community Foundation (HCF). The HCF manages the funds donated for this project.

  6. Homeland Security — Homeland security in southern Nevada will be enhanced through the addition of a Forensic Science Center. A fully operational Forensic Science Center will allow for a greatly increased amount of evidence that can be recovered and analyzed. Criminals know no boundaries. Crimes solved in any jurisdiction in southern Nevada are often the key to solving and preventing crimes in LVMPD's jurisdiction as well as in other law enforcement agency jurisdictions, including in other states.

  7. Evidence Backlogs — Southern Nevada is in poor shape in regard to forensic laboratory evidence analysis capacity and capability, and has forensic evidence backlogs that go back years. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) forensic laboratory has the only DNA analysis capability in the region. Huge backlogs of forensic evidence sit on shelves in evidence vaults in southern Nevada and untested Rape Kits exceed 5,000. Other large quantities of potential DNA evidence is not analyzed. Drug evidence, blood alcohol, and blood drug (toxicology) evidence analysis are commonly delayed for six to eleven months or more for many agencies. Fingerprints recovered from hundreds of crime scenes have backlogs awaiting analysis for several years. A lot of evidence is not analyzed because the labs can’t get to it prior to the expiration of the Statutes of Limitations for certain crimes. Without sufficient forensic evidence analysis capability in southern Nevada, the large portion of the potential evidence from crimes that occur in the region cannot be analyzed. We must increase our capacity to meet current and future needs.

  8. A large amount of the potential forensic evidence in Nevada's second largest city cannot be analyzed — Henderson, with a population of approximately 291,000 has the only publicly owned forensic laboratory in southern Nevada. LVMPD leases their laboratory buildings from a private corporation. The temporary facility housing the Henderson Forensic Lab, which began in a repurposed 4,500 sq. ft. building in 2005, cannot be expanded to increase the numbers of equipment and civilian analysts needed to meet our communities’ forensic evidence analysis needs. Electrical and heating/cooling/ventilation (HVAC) problems cause additional issues, and the operations must be moved to a different facility soon. A much larger facility is required to meet our critical needs now and for the future.

  9. Strengthen Communities — You are helping to enhance the safety of your family and friends, as well as your communities. A safe community will help enhance your life as well as the lives of your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others who live in, work, or visit southern Nevada.

  10. Public Funds Are Not Available, Private Funding is the Best Option — The only way to build a Forensic Science Center / Forensic Lab in a reasonable timeframe is by raising funds through private individuals and organizations. The construction of a building that will house a state-of-the-art forensic (crime) laboratory, crime scene investigation section, and evidence vault is extremely expensive. The City of Henderson plans to provide the necessary land, but no public agency in southern Nevada has the tax-payer funds to pay for such a facility. A modern Forensic Science Center in southern Nevada, planned for Henderson, will provide a critical resource for its clients including the Henderson Police Department, Boulder City, and several other law enforcement and other publicly-operated agencies in Southern Nevada. Scientific education opportunities will also be created in a cooperative education program to be included in the new Forensic Science Center.